a two person kayak paddles towards a floating structure with eyes and more boaters
Baltimore residents enjoy kayaking at Masonville Cove. National Aquarium

Seven spotted insects, three with outstretched wings showing a bright red interior
Adult spotted lanternfly. Lance Cheung/USDA

The Delaware Watershed Conservation Fund supports projects that are making the watershed a better place for people and wildlife now and in the future

The Service is working with a broad coalition of partners to ensure funding from the Delaware Watershed Conservation Fund supports local needs. Credit: USFWS

American eels live many lives as they grow and mature on their migratory journeys.

a wet eel in someone’s hands
An American eel in its yellow eel life phase. Chesapeake Bay Program/ Flickr Creative Commons.

Creating upstream and downstream passage around dams helps American eels complete their challenging migration.

a small eel on a wet rock
A juvenile American eel traversing a rock on its way upstream. Virginia State Parks/ Flickr Creative Commons.

North Atlantic-Appalachian Regional employees are supporting wildland firefighting efforts across the country

Crews and trucks face billowing smoke rising over a mountain ridge
Crews removed from danger watch as smoke from the Harris Mountain Fire near Helena, Montana rises over a ridge. Bart Wilson/USFWS

For these teens and young adults, working outdoors to improve the environment, even in oppressive weather, beats staying home for the summer.

A group photo of the groundwork team wearing green shirts and standing in front a beautiful mountainous overlook
Members of the Groundwork Hudson Valley Green Team. Jared Green/USFWS

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Northeast Region

Conserving wildlife and habitats from Maine to Virginia, New York, and Pennsylvania.

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