six people work together moving large bricks
Using oyster castles to build a living shoreline at Gandy’s Beach in New Jersey. Credit: Mary Conti/TNC

In October 2012, Hurricane Sandy ransacked the East Coast. And, while bigger storms — with even more devastating impacts — have certainly come along, Sandy was unique because it helped start a movement toward resilience and nature-based solutions.

What does this mean?

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the U.S…

by Principal Deputy Director Martha Williams and North Atlantic-Appalachian Regional Director Wendi Weber

It’s the time of year when bats abound in seasonal decorations, mythic folklore, and all things spooky, scary, and supernatural. Next week this imagery will be gone and replaced by fall colors, pumpkins, turkeys, and reminders of the feast that awaits us.

Bats themselves aren’t nearly so fleeting. For much…

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Northeast Region

Conserving wildlife and habitats from Maine to Virginia, New York, and Pennsylvania.

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